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5.9. Adding NEW Items to REMMS

To Add a new Item to the Items Table:

  1. Go into any Invoice
  2. Click on the ITEMS button on the top right of the window
  3. Make sure you are on the Billing year you need (i.e. 2009)
  4. Click on New Item button on top and acknowledge prompt
  5. Enter the new Item Code.  For example, a 2009 Late Fee would be 09Late (Please do not use spaces or symbols.
  6. Enter the description
  7. Select the Item Type from the Drop Down List.  This is VERY IMPORTANT.  Please make sure to use the correct type.  See below for Type Details
  8. Enter the Amounts for each of the entities (Local, State NAR). If the amount is only for Local, then only enter the Local amount.
  9. You MUST enter each corresponding GL Code for accounting.  If you are not using GL Codes, then you can enter 9999
  10. When done click on Go Back


Item Types



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