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5.8. Processing a REFUND

Processing a REFUND

Processing a refund in REMMS is relatively simple, but there are some criteria. 

If the invoice you need to refund has NOT been finalized, then simply use the RESET button to revert it back to non-paid status unless you already ran state and NAR reports and sent money to those entities.  If you have done that, then make sure you finalize the batch before creating the refund.

STEP 1 - Create Batch and Invoice

  1. First, create a Batch for the refund.  This is always good to do so you can separate these from your normal transactions.  You can even name it a little differently so it's easy to spot.  For example, 120529-REF
  2. Print the invoice that you would like to refund so you have all the information readily available
  3. Create a new invoice for the member (from the member screen) for use as a refund invoice
  4. Add all the line items that you need to refund
  5. Click the ADJUST button on the right of each item and change the amount to the negative amount making sure you adjust all necessary values (Local, State, NAR).  So, if you have a $35.00 Application Fee, you would ADJUST the amount to -35.
  6. Complete Steps 4 - 5 for each line item you need to refund
  7. Once completed, you will have an invoice with a negative balance reflecting the items and amount you need to refund.

STEP 2 - Pay/Refund the Invoice

  1. Display the refund invoice on your screen in the Invoice module.
  2. Set the Batch to the Refund Batch you created
  3. Pay the invoice as you normally would, EXCEPT use Negative numbers for the payment amounts
  4. You can use REFUND for the Payment Type and Ref unless you would like to indicate how you are refunding the amount.
  5. Complete the Payment as you normally would
  6. The invoice should now have a zero balance and should show up in the invoice screen on the member's record.
  7. Since this batch is only being used for Refunds, you can change the status to HOLD so it does not show up in the available Batch list OR you can go and Finalize the batch and print the report showing the negative amounts.

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