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5.10. Adding a Pro Rate Item

Adding a Pro Rate Item

Any item whose price changes as time passes (monthly, quarterly, etc) is called a Pro Rated item.  Any item can simply be turned into a Pro Rated item.  The first step is to add your item as you normally would (see link at bottom).  Once the item is added, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the Item Detail screen of the item you need to Pro Rate.
    1. Go to Invoices
    2. Click on the ITEMS button in top right of screen
    3. Click on the ITEM to go to the Item Detail screen
  2. Click on the ProRate button to get the main PRORATE screen

    ProRate Main window

  3. This screen is designed to allow virtually any ProRate you need.  You can even mix and match monthly and quarterly on the same screen.  Start by entering a Start Date for the first ProRate cycle and press TAB.
  4. Next, enter the End Date.  So, if you were setting up the first ProRate period for January 2010, the Start Date would be 1/1/10 and the End Date would be 1/31/10.
  5. Next enter the amounts for this ProRate period in the appropriate Local, State, and National fields.
  6. The Total should automatically calculate for that ProRate period.
  7. Continue for the remaining ProRate periods.
  8. Once completed, click the Go Back button and save.

TIP: If you need to mix monthly and quarterly entries for an Item (i.e. local monthly and state quarterly), then simply set up the monthly and keep the same amount for the quarterly amounts for each of the three month in that quarter.  Always remember to check the total and make sure it matches exactly.

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