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13.2. Annual Dues Processing


Once you have performed the initial setup, the next step is to enter the actual Annual Dues Processing module.

  1. Click on the Utility button form the Member screen.
  2. Click on the Annual Dues Billing button
  3. This screen is setup in a step-by-step order.  The process for billing is designed so that you can run billing, check it, make any necessary changes to members, and then reset and run the billing again once you are ready to print the invoices.
  4. Select the Billing Year.  This will always default to the default Dues Year from the Company setup screen.  So, you will need to change it to your current billing year each time you enter this module.
  5. Click on the Annual Item Setup button in Step 2.
  6. This is where you establish all the billing items for each Member Type and Status
  7. Across the top of this screen is where you first select the Member Type
  8. Next, click on the NEW button on the top left portion of the screen.
  9. This will bring you to a screen that will show you the items you created in the previous setup steps (pulls from the regular Items table)
  10. Click the Use This button to select the item.
  11. You will then be asked to select if the item is for a Primary or Secondary member.  Please select one.
  12. Once the item is added, you will return to the Annual Items screen and can change the Status if needed.
  13. Repeat steps 8 through 11 for all Member Types and Statuses you need to bill.
  14. You can click the PRINT button at top to print out a full list of the billing items.
  15. The next step is to click on the TEST BILLING button.  This will run the billing for all members that qualify based on your item setup screens. 
  16. Once the process is completed, you should run the Summary Report Office and Summary Report Type reports and check the results to make sure everyone is billed properly.
  17. There are also some additional buttons to the right that allow you to make adjustments to specific invoices.
  18. Go to Step 4 and click on Print Single Invoice to spot check the invoice.

There are four invoice types.  Three of them will display the items from the billing as you have entered them and a fourth layout that will split and display the amounts separated by the organization amounts (local, state, national).  You may want to print a sample invoice for each of the types and see which one is best for your needs.  Also, the invoices are setup to allow you to include custom text in the main body section.  this is the only area you can adjust with text. 

NOTE: Check and make sure your text and dates are all correct BEFORE you acutally print out all your invoices.  Most boards will run a test billing about one week BEFORE needing to print the actual invoices to make sure everything is billed properly and all dates and amount are correct.


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