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13.4. Billing Dual State Members

If there is a member that has a REALTOR license in more than one state, and they are NOT primary with your board or state, then the following should be followed for billing these members at Annual Dues Bills time.

  1. Prior to running the actual Test Billing, make the member PRIMARY
  2. Perform the Annual Dues Test Billing
  3. Once completed, go into the invoice record and adjust the National amount to zero
    (best to remove the amount)
  4. Once completed, go back to the member record and make them back to SECONDARY

This process will allow the member to be billed with all the other Primary REALTORS and allow you to remove the NAR amount.  Then, you need to set it back to SECONDARY so the member does not get uploaded to NRDS since another board is the Board of Choice for that member.

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