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13.1. Annual Dues Setup

Before you can run your Annual Dues, there are several areas that will need updating.  The steps below will bring you through the areas of setup.

SETUP - Company Setup Screen

  1. Go into the Company Setup
  2. Click on the BILLING button at the top of the screen
  3. Under the Annual Dues and Financial Settings heading, enter the Due Date and the Late Date.  These dates are used on the Annual Dues Invoice to determine when payment is due and also at which date a Late Fee will be imposed.
  4. Under the DUES BODY TEXT section, click on the Annual Rltr tab and update the text accordingly.  This text is the editable area of the invoice.  Please note that this is also different than the text that appears on your regular invoices generated during the course of a year.
  5.  Adjust the text in the Annual Aff tab for Annual Affiliate invoices.
  6. Click Go Back
  7. Click the Membership button at top to return.


  1. Go to the regular Invoice module
  2. Click on the Items button
  3. Add all necessary items for the new billing year.  You only need to add the ones that you will need for the annual renewals.  You can always go back and add the rest of your items at a later time.  Many boards will include all the amounts for a REALTOR renewal in a single line item.  This makes the invoice much cleaner and easier to read.
  4. When completed, click Go Back until you are back at the MEMBER screen.


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