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4.2. Processing eDUES Transactions

eDUES Processing Payments


The eDUES Module is very similar to the Annual Dues module, whereas it will allow you to process the online trasnactions and review them before they actually update and alter the main member reocrd and invoice.  Please note that until you actually complete the third step (TRANSFER), the records in REMMS are not updated.


  1. Log into NRDS using the and run an ACH Report for all transactions through the prior day
  2. Go into REMMS eDUES Processing (Members -> Utility -> eDues)
  3. Click on the first step (CREATE FILES)  Your broswer will launch and you will see a message that files have been created.
  4. Click on the second step (GET PAYMENTS)  This step may take a little while to pull the files and load them.  Usually, after the screen returns, it can take a few seconds for the new transactions to update the screen.
  5. Then click on  the transactions (Button at top of screen) and then select all the transactions that match the ACH report.
  6. Click the third Step (TRANSFER) This will produce a report for you to review, and the report total amount should match the total from the ACH Report.  If it does, then print the report and complete the Transfer.  This process cannot be undone.

Once the Transfer is completed, REMMS will create a new batch with a special name starting with the letter E, and place the Batch on Hold.  All invoices selected in the TRANSFER routine will be marked as Paid with all the payment information and the member reocrd will be marked as being paid for the current dues year.


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