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4.1. Credit Card Refund Process

During the dues renewal billing, you may need to refund a member's dues for a variety of reasons (moving to LFRO, accidentally sent a check AND paid online, accidentally billed, etc.  NAR recommends a couple options to handle this task, but since all REMMS users are set up for distribution of funds to state and NAR, the method below represents that best option. Always contact our office if you have questions.

Important Information:  Contracturally, the Ecommerce network will not allow one association to automatically debit the bank account of another association. For example, the ABC Local Association cannot initiate an ecommerce transaction that is going to debit the bank account of the XYZ State Association, or the National Association.

So if the original Purchase transaction sent by the local association was used to distribute dues payments among the local, state and national, the local association using this request can only debit their own bank accounts.



  1. Once you confirm and approved this refund, you would cut a check to the member for the total amount they charged (if a full refund)
  2. If the member didn't pay twice
    1. Reset their Invoice so it is now unpaid.  This will also remove them from the list of paid members to NAR and State.  
  3. If the member did pay twice or if you cannot Reset the invoice
    1. Please contact our office to complete the transaction and continue with the next steps.
  4. Keep documentation on the details
  5. VERY IMPORTANT: When preparing reports for NAR and State for dues payments, deduct (hold back) one payment to NAR and State for the number of refunds you made during that time frame.

Here is an example rom NAR regarding how to handle these transaction.  Please note the the eDues interface does not have a Refund function at this time since it is usually much simpler for the local boards to handle it by holding back payment for the refund to keep the number of paid members accurate.

The original Purchase totalled $350. The distribution was $84 to National, $70 to state, and $196 to local. The local association (the original Association ID in the Purchase) could use this transaction to refund the member's credit card the $350 total. The total will all come out of the local association's bank. We recommend that the local contact their state and national association first to see if those two entities will agree to this refund.  If they agree, then the state and national could then send an EFT transfer for the original net amount they received to the local's bank account who would then be made "whole" for the refund they processed.  Or, if the local has a member who pays by check, the board could hold back the National portion to cover the amount they paid via the credit card refund. Locals should check with their state if they would also go along with this hold back method for the state portion.  As a note, this hold back process has been used in the past.

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