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11.3. Adding a New User

Adding a New User to REMMS

REMMS has a very simple user facility to add, remove and edit users.  The instructions below show you how to add a new user.

  1. Log into REMMS and click on the UTILITY button from the Members screen REMMS Utility Icon
  2. Click on the Company Setup button under the Setup Files heading.  This will bring you to the Company Setup area of REMMS
  3. At the top right portion of the screen, there will be a USERS button.  Click on that to go to the Users screen.
  4. To add a new account click on the New Account button.  There is a small start to the left of it.
  5. You will be prompted to create a new account.  Click Create New
  6. On the Account Add screen, enter the name of the new user and press Tab
  7. Select the Privilege set.  Usually DEPlus.  This is for regular data entry.  The other two options provide more restrictions.
  8. Select the Account Status.  This should be Activated.
  9. If you need to add more accounts, click the Add Account button on top.  Otherwise, click DONE to have the system add the account to REMMS.
  10. When the account is added, the system will bring you back to the Account Main scree and all user accounts are displayed.

Please note that when a user account is created, it does NOT create a password.  There are a number of icons at the end of each user account line.  If you mouse over the icons, a tool tip will display.  There is also a legend at the top of the screen for each of these options.  This is wheree you can delete, change password, change privilege and activate/deactivate the users.

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