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11.4. How to Change a Member NRDS Number

On occasion, you will need to change a Member's NRDS ID.  It is very important to note that this is a unqiue number that identifies each member and all their affiliated records.

  1. From any main screen, click on the REPORTS button on the left panel
  2. Click on the PROCESSING tab at the top right of the Reports screen
  3. This screen contains a number of functions, including the Change NRDS ID routine.  Click on this button.
  4. The REMMS Member/NRDS change Utility will appear
  5. If you know the Member ID you need to change, enter it on the left side Member ID Holder field.  This is also a drop down list for you to select the member whose number you need to change.
  6. Enter the new ID on the right side in the New Member ID field
  7. Click on the Complete Change button to complete the process
  8. Once done, the details of the change will be listed on the right side note box and also in the Member record.


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