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7.2. Email Setup for the Palm Centro and Exchange

Email setup for the Palm Centro (Verizon) smartphone

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NOTE: Make sure to download to correct version of VersaMail.  The Personal Edition DOES NOT INCLUDE Outlook connectivity.

Your Palm Centro includes two email applications:


  • VersaMail® 4 with Exchange ActiveSync (Download from MyCentro Bonus tab.)
    The links below will show you how to set up this application.
  •  Palm VersaMail® Personal Edition is specifically designed to support the Email and Web for Smartphones plan from Verizon Wireless, and therefore does not contain Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support. Learn more. (Download from MyCentro Bonus tab.)
    The links below will show you how to set up this application.
  • Verizon Wireless Sync (called WirelessSync in Applications View).
    To learn how to set up Verizon Wireless Sync, visit www.verizonwireless.com.

You can also access web-based email, like Hotmail, or Yahoo! Mail from the web browser on your device.

What is VersaMail?
VersaMail is Palm's own email application. You can use VersaMail to manage a personal POP3 account such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail Plus or Comcast, or an IMAP account such as AOL. VersaMail also lets Outlook users sync with the Exchange server (Exchange ActiveSync).

VersaMail lets you access up to eight email accounts - personal or corporate. You can view attachments through the Documents application on your device, and pick email address from your corporate Global Address List (GAL). VersaMail also offers real-time push synchronization of email and personal information; as messages are received on the server, they are automatically downloaded to your device.



What kind of email account do you want to set up in VersaMail or the Web browser?

personal email
Exchange ActiveSync
corporate email (Outlook)
Web-based email
such as Hotmail or Yahoo!



Set up the account in VersaMail


Go to Applications and select Email to open the VersaMail application.


  • If this is the first email account you've set up in VersaMail, you’ll see an Account Setup option. Select Continue (not pictured).
  • If you've already set up one account in VersaMail, you’ll see the Inbox. Press Menu . From the Accounts menu, select Account Setup. Then select New (not pictured).
Enter the account username and password:


  • Enter the username you use to access your email.
  • Select the Password box, enter your email account password, and then select OK.
  • Select Next.

Select Outlook (EAS) from the Mail Type drop-down menu.
Enter your Exchange Mail Server name.

Then select one of the following:


  • Done: Finish and go to the Inbox of the account you set up, where you can begin receiving and sending email.
  • Advanced: Set more mail options.
  • Test Settings: Ping the Exchange Server to determine if your settings are correct, without downloading email yet. You'll see a message that states whether the test was successful.


Optional: If you selected Advanced ...

Select any of the following:


  • Port Number: By default, the port number setting is 443. You may need to change the port number if you choose not to retrieve incoming mail over a secure connection.
  • Use Secure Connection (SSL): By default, this box is checked, meaning you can retrieve incoming mail over a secure (Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL) connection. Uncheck the box if you do not want to receive email over an SSL connection.
  • Select Next.
Optional: If you selected Advanced ...

If you use a proxy server, enter the proxy server name and port number, and check the box if your server requires authentication. Check with your system administrator for this information.

When you have finished, select Done.

Using Push

What is push?
Push is a feature provided by Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync that pushes email messages, Calendar events, meeting invitations, and updated contact information it receives onto your smartphone. Likewise, when you create an email message or event or you update a contact on your smartphone, it is pushed to the server.

In addition, when you delete or change an email message (for example, mark a message read or unread) in one location, the change is pushed to the other location.

How does push work?
When you set up an Exchange ActiveSync account, push email, calendar, and contact information begins automatically as long as your server supports push and has push turned on.

Push from server to smartphone happens automatically as new or changed items arrive on the server. If items are created or changed on the smartphone, the items are pushed from smartphone to server at the following times:


If your server does not support push or does not have push turned on, push does not take place. Also note, for the option “As items arrive” to appear on your smartphone, EAS Direct Push must be enabled on the server.


Your smartphone screen turns on and an alert appears anytime you receive a new message. To save battery life, you can turn alerts off for your Exchange ActiveSync account.


  1. Go to the account in VersaMail
  2. Press Menu, select Options, and then select Preferences.
  3. Select Alerts, and then uncheck the box for "Alert me of new mail."

Change your Auto Sync options
You can choose how often you wish to retrieve email. To save battery life, you can set your device to sync less frequently.


  1. Open VersaMail and go to your Exchange ActiveSync account.
  2. Press Menu .
  3. Select Options, and then select Preferences.
  4. Select Auto Sync.
  5. Check or uncheck the box for Auto Sync: Mail. If you do not select an Mail, it will not be synchronized on the Auto Sync schedule. Instead, you'll need to sync the item from within that application on your smartphone (it's an option in the Record menu for the application).
  6. Select an options for When. If you set a more frequent interval, you may need to recharge your device’s battery more often.
  7. Select OK, then select OK again.

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