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2.2. Adding a Document to a Member Record

Adding a document to a Member record

  1. Find the Member record you would like to create the eDoc record
  2. Click on the eDocs tab
  3. This screen will display any existing eDocs for this member.  Click on the New eDoc link
    New eDoc
  4. You will see a prompt to add a new eDoc
    eDoc dialog box
  5. Click Yes and you will see a window open on  your screen
    eDoc add screen
  6. The eDoc Type allows you to assign special Types to any document.  This can be used to organize your documents in any manner you wish.  The eDoc Type field is a dynamic drop down list field.  This means that if you want to add a new Type, simply click in the eDoc Type field and manually type in the new eDoc Type.  It will then become part of your drop down list for adding in the future.
  7. Enter an eDoc Name to describe the document.  This is a freeform field entry, so be descriptive enough to know what this document or file contains.  This is NOT the file name.
  8. The most important part is selecting the document to attach to the member's record.  Click on the small box to the right of the eDoc Link label.  This will open a window for you to find your document and select it to attach.  Navigate to the location of the file and select the file and click on Open to select the file.  Please make sure to leave the check mark on Store only a reference to the file selection.  This should be checked the default.
    eDoc Insert File screen
  9. Click Done when you have the file attached and Save when prompted.
  10. The window will close and you should now have an attached file to the member's record

At this point you have now successfully added a new eDoc file to the member's record.

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