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10.1. Current Year, Dues Year and Annual Setup

Changing the Current Year and Dues Year

The Company Setup file contains a number of system-wide settings.  Some of these settings will effect how the system will show information by default, meaning, when you first go into the system.  Once of the settings you have control over is the Current Year and the current Dues Year

Changing the Current Year and Dues Year

  1. Go to the Member Module
  2. Click on the Utility icon above the MODULES buttons
  3. Under the Setup Files heading, click on Company Setup
  4. You will now be in the Association Setup Screen.  Click on the round BILLING button on the top of the screen.  It has a dollar sign ($) in the center.
  5. The top right portion of the screen should display the Current Year and Dues Year.  These are drop down fields and you will need to select the appropriate years for each setting
  6. Click on Go Back when completed and save your settings is prompted
  7. Click the Membership button on the top right to go back to the Member Module

Note: You will still be able to change the Dues Year in all the modules anytime you need, this strictly makes it stay on the year set in the Company Setup area.

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