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15.1. Member Change History

Member Change History - Critical Changes

When editing certain parts of the Member record, a note is made in the Change History that basically takes a snapshot of certain fields as they existed prior to entering the change screen.  The idea was to capture the critical pieces of a member's record as it existed prior to changes to these fields to know what is was prior to the existing entries in the record. 

In addition to this Change History line, a complete snapshot of the member record is also made and placed in a hidden area of the system in the event.  The format for this Change History note is as follows:

<<Edited 12/1/2008 10:44:21 AM by Heather: F:Waqar L:Syed T:R SC:DR P:P ST:A NJD:7/27/1998 LJD:7/27/1998>>

<<Edited 12/1/2008 10:44:21 AM by Heather:
F:Waqar (First Name)
L:Syed (Last Name)
T:R (Member Type)
SC:DR (Member SubClass)
P:P (Member Primary Indicator)
ST:A (Member Status)
NJD:7/27/1998 (NAR Join Date)
LJD:7/27/1998 (Local Join Date)


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