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5.3. Creating a Batch for Payments

What are Batches and How Do I Use Them
Batches are a critical component to processing payments.  Batches are used like an ID or tagging system.  Different Batches can be created for different types of payment for each deposit slip.  A Batch must be created as it is required to be used in order to apply payments.  Batches are generally used for better control over reporting, checking deposits and for the accuracy of payments.  Batches provide a summary based on Invoices and on line items.  A separate Batch can be created to handle the following forms of payment:  checks and cash, credit card payments and another batch for each deposit slip.

Once a Batch has been created and payments are applied, the Batch can be CLOSED or placed on HOLD

Once a Batch is Closed, it can not be reopened.  The Closed Batch will also not appear in the Active Batch list.  If a Batch is placed on Hold, then only the person who placed it on Hold may use it.

* Note:  In order to pay an Invoice, there MUST be an Open Batch.

  1. From the left side of the screen, click the Invoice Module button.

  2. Click on the BATCHES button located on the upper right hand side of the Members Invoicing screen and the Batch Control Setup screen will appear with a list of all Batches and their Status.

  3. Click the New button in the upper left side of the screen.  A message will appear: Create a new Batch?

  4. Click the Yes button and the screen to create a new Batch will appear.

  5. A Batch ID will need to be entered.  The Batch ID can only contain: Numbers and Letters (MAKE SURE NOT TO USE ANY SPACES). This field will not accept any other symbols or spaces. 

    It is recommended that the following format be followed when creating a Batch ID.  YYMMDDXX Where YY is the last two digits of the year, MM is the month, DD is the day and XX would be some other identifier like your initials.

    By using this format, it will provide a systematic approach if more than one batch will be created per day.

  6. Then, tab over to the Batch Name field.  The Batch Name is used for informational purposes only.

  7. The Batch Open date will automatically populate with the current date but can be changed if necessary.

  8. It is not required to enter a Batch Description, but could be helpful information in the future.

  9. Once you are finished, click the Go Back button to save the newly created Batch and return to the Member Invoicing screen.

  10. To verify that the Batch was created, click on the Batches button again and the newly created Batch ID should appear on the list as Active.  Since this is a newly created Batch, there have not been any invoices assigned; therefore, the Batch Close, Batch Total, Count and GL fields will appear blank. 


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