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5.1. Creating an Invoice for a Member

Creating an Invoice for a Member

Since all invoices must be attached to a member, you need to start the process with a member record.  This allows an automatic connection from the invoice to the member.

  1. Perform a Find for the member that you would like to invoice

  2. While on the main screen of the member record, click on the Invoice icon that is located at the top right portion of the screen located above the Preferences area.

  3. You will be prompted to Create a New Invoice.  Select Yes.

  4. A new invoice will be created and you will now be able to add items to the invoice.

    Note: The Inv. Bill Year will be the default Billing Year of the system.  If you need to change the Inv. Bill Year, you will need to do so BEFORE adding items to the invoice.

  5. To add items, click in the box under the Item ID heading.  A drop down list of items available for that specific billing year will be available.

  6. Add as many items as needed and you are also able to adjust the amounts using the ADJUST PRICE button on the right of each line item.

  7. Click the DONE button when finished and the invoice will be created.

Note: If you add an item that you do not need, make sure you delete the item by clicking on the red X on the line and then you can add the different item.

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