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12.1. Create a Mail and Email merge file

Many programs provide the ability to perform a mail merge or email merge.  Aside from Microsoft Word, there are programs that one can use to send out braodcast emails to different groups.  One common program is called GroupMail. 

All of these programs rely on a data merge file which contains the "people" that you want to send messages to.  Below are instructions on how to create this file.

  1. Go to the Member Module
  2. Click on the Utility button
  3. Select Export to Mail Merge under the Export Routines heading
  4. You will be prompted to select your criteria for the find
  5. Click on the Committee TAB on the top portion of the screen (This is NOT the Committee button)
  6. Click in the Committee ID field and select the committee you want
  7. Click in the Committee Year field and type in the year (i.e. 2009)
  8. Click on Continue to complete the find
  9. Your results will be sent to a text file called _Email.txt on your C: drive  (C:\_Email.txt)

You will now be able to edit this information in Excel or a regular text editor.

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