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14.1. RPAC: Find RPAC Totals for a Given Year

RPAC: Find RPAC Totals for a Given Year

If you need to find how much RPAC money has been paid by a given member for a specific year; Or, you want to get a listing of all members that contributed any money, then this can be accomplished by using a simple Find and Export.

Since the Member record contains links to all activities and transactions for a member, and you have the ability to export to an Excel file from almost any screen, use the following to find the RPAC information needed:

  1. Go to the Dues/RPAC tab in the Member module and make sure that it has the year you want in the RPAC YTD heading
  2. Click the Find button
  3. Enter any member specific information you require (status, member type, etc)
  4. Click on the Dues/RPAC tab
  5. Located under the FINANCIAL - PAID RPAC ONLY heading, put > 0 in the 2008 YTD field.  This is the Great Than symbol.  This is stating that you want all records that have anything more than zero in the Year To Date (YTD) amount field.
  6. Your results will appear in the List View in the Member Module. 
  7. Right-click on your Association Name and click Save/send Record As...Excel and complete the save dialog box.  This will export all the fields on this List View to an excel file that you can then open and edit.


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