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1.1. EXPORT - Mail Merge Export

REMMS Provides the ability to export a standard text file for use with any program that is capable of performing a mail merge.  This is very useful for creating labels, envelopes, letters, and can even be used to upload or import into mass email programs like GroupMail and Constant Contact.

  1. Go to a Member screen
  2. Click on the Utility button on the left
  3. Click on the EXPORT Mail Merge button under the Export Routines heading
  4. It will put you in a FIND screen for the members
  5. Enter the criteria you want to retrieve and click on Continue
  6. Once the process is completed, a file will be placed on your C drive called _Email.txt

This file contains the Preferred Addresses for your members and also the email and web site.  It is a standard comma separated text file.

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