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12.7. Find PAID Dues Members from a specific year

Let's say you want to find how many members paid Dues for the Dues Year 2005.  This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Go into the Member screen
  2. Click on the Find REMMS Find button
  3. On the main screen, enter any criteria you need (such as Status or Primary Indicator, etc)
  4. Click on the Dues/RPAC tab
  5. Under the FINANCIAL - MEMBER INVOICE section where your invoices normally appear, enter the follwing:
    1. Enter 2005 in the Year field (you can enter any year you are looking for)
    2. Enter D in the Type field
    3. Enter Paid in the Status field
  6. Click on Continue and the system should display all members with Paid, 2005 Dues invoices

Note: The D enterd into the Type field means that the invoice had a Dues item on the invoice, and is a Dues invoice. 

Also, since many of the reports leverage the same Find function, you can use the above routine to retrieve these records in a report format or export the records to Excel.

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