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6.4. Adding Attendance to a Meeting Record

Adding Attendance To Meeting Records

Once the meeting has occurred, follow the steps below to create attendance records for the committee.

  1. Select the Committee and Year for which you want to add attendance.
  2. Click on the Meetings tab
  3. Click on the Go to meeting record symbol next to the meeting record you want.
  4. Once the meeting record appears, click on the Refresh Members button and you will follow the prompt to add all members from the committee and year to the meeting.
  5. All members will be added with the default attendance set to No.
  6. Select Yes for any member that attended the meeting.
  7. There is also a Comment field for any notes you would like to enter.

The main Committee record will automatically calculate the attendance for each members and committee overall.  This is based on the information you enter in the Meeting record. 

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