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6.2. Adding Members to a Committee

Adding Members to a Committee

You can add any member from the membership system to any committee that you have created.  Please remember that committees are able to have multiple years.  Meaning, if you want to have a committee that exists for more than one year, you only need to create the basic committee record and then change the Committee Year to add members to that year for the committee.

For instance, if you want to add members to the 2008 Golf Committee, you would go to the Golf Committee record and then select 2008 from the Committee Year drop down menu.

  1. Find the committee for which you would like to add members.
  2. Select the year from the Committee Year drop down menu you want to setup and then click on the Committee - Add Member to Committee button.
  3. You will see the Pick a Member pop up window
    Committee - Pick a Member Window
  4. Type any part of the name of the member you want to add and click the Committee - Find a member in Pick Member screen button to locate the members that contain your search criteria.  If you want to see all the members listed, you can click the Show all records button.
  5. Once you see the member you would like to add, simply click on the name and they will be added to the committee and year and return you to the main committee screen.
  6. The member will display in the Members tab.
    Main Committee Screen

  7. By default the member will have the Position of Member and the current date.  This information can be changed by just clicking in the fields and changing.

Note: To add or see members from other committee years for a specific committee, just click on the Committee Year field and select the year.

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