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5.6. Reprint a group of Invoices (from Invoicing Module Only)

Normally, when you click on the Print icon on the Invoice screen, it will print the currently viewed invoice.  The following process will allow you to print all the currently found invoices and should be done for specific Member Types since Affiliates will have a different invoice layout than the members.

1. Go to the Invoicing screen.
2. Perform a Find for the invoices you want to print.
For instance, if you wanted to find all the open 2008 Affiliate invoices,
You would select 2008 for the Invoice Bill Year, Billed for the Invoice Status, and although it isn't marked, if you look at the fields between the Invoice Address and the Office Mailing Address, there are three fields.  The middle field is the Member Type field.  You can also select the member status by entering it in the MS field.
3. Once you have found your invoices, click on the Scripts drop down menu and select Print Found Invoices
4. This will use whatever default Invoice selected for the Affiliates from the Company setup file.

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