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7.1. Quadrennial (COE) Update and Report

The Education system is designed to have you pull in the new Education Refresh from NRDS and then the process will compare what you have in the Quadrennial area (Quad Yr) with the Education table.  It then will create corresponding records in both the Education Module and the Member Screen (under Quadrennial).  Once the process is completed, REMMS will have all COE records locally for use with Quadrennial reporting.  You can then easily run any report that beings you to the Member Find screen for members that do not have a 2016 Quad record.  Here is a simplified process on how it works:

  1. Perform a Batch Refresh from NRDS using Tab delimited format making sure you select Education on the selection screen.
  2. Unzip the received Refresh file and make sure you note where you place these unzipped files.  We recommend saving and unzipping this file in the same location each time and it can be on your local hard drive.  The main file you are looking for will end in E00
  3. Go into REMMS and click on the REPORTS button
  4. Click on the PROCESSING tab
  5. There are a few new buttons in here.  Click on the REFRESH EDUCATION button under the EDUCATION heading.
  6. Follow the prompts until the process is completed.
  7. Wait until the entire process is completed.
  8. All records should be updated at this time.


  1. In the MEMBER screen click on FIND
  2. Enter criteria for the members (Active, Primary, REALTOR, etc)
  3. Click on REQUESTS and select NEW REQUEST
  4. Go to the Quadrennial area and in the CURRENT field type 2016 and then click on OMIT on the left panel of the screen.
  5. Click CONTINUE.  This will give you all members that DO NOT HAVE 2016 in the Current field.


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