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2.2. Syncronizing Blackberry and Exchange

The BB does sync Email, contacts and Calendars with BES.

You need to go here and check the settings to make sure the BB and Outlook are on the same "page"
To just check the settings use Steps 1-8
Only use Steps 9-11 if you're having a problem,

1. From your homescreen, go into your Messages folder.
2. Once in your messages, folder, bring up your menu
3. Scroll down to and choose "Options".
4. Scroll down to and select "Email Reconciliation".
5. In the "Email Reconciliation" menu, make sure "Delete On" is set to "Mailbox & Handheld".
6. Confirm that Wireless Reconcile is set to "On"
7. Confirm that "On Conflicts" your "Mailbox Wins"
8. Save your changes.
9. Exit back out to your messages folder, and once again bring up the menu.
10. Scroll down to "Reconcile Now" to force a reconciliation between your handheld and In-Box.
11. Your messages should now synchronize between your BlackBerry and In-Box.

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