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1.1. RJR Client Access

How to access computers remotely

Clients that are on the RJR 24/7 Maintenance and Monitoring plans enjoy a complimentary secure remote access facility to work from virtually anywhere in the world.  Since this remote connection is made directly to the user's computer, the office computers must remain on, but should be logged off for security reasons when done for the day. This facility can only be accessed using Internet Explorer.

  1. Go to http://portal.rjrsupport.com/
    If you have a problem try our alternate https://user.itsupport247.net/
    Note: You may receive a security warning. This is fine to accept.
  2. Your Login ID will be your full email address and your password will be the same as your
    network password. Click Submit.
    NOTE: There is also a check box to Remote Into Favorite Desktop. This can be used after you mark the Remote Desktop as your Favorite (see below)
  3. If you get any messages, please accept them.
  4. Once connected, you will see a screen that will list the desktops you have access to Remote Control. On the left panel (displayed below), you will see categories of the types of systems (Servers, Desktops, etc).
  5. In the main part of the screen, you will see the details of the system you can control. To start Remote Control, click on the symbol. The other symbol meanings can be seen if you mouse-over the icons.
    • Remote Control
    • System Profile Details
    • Make this your Favorite. This would allow you to go directly into this system if you check the Remote Into Favorite Desktop box when signing in.
  6. A screen will open with a large white box. The top of that box will have the word Reason.
    This is to enter the reason for the remote session. Because this facility can be used for support technicians, it is designed to keep a log of the activity and reason for connection.
    You can simply enter anything you wish and then click Submit.
  7. You will then see a new window with a screen to log into your computer. This is where you will use your network login (not your email address). Click Logon once you have entered your credentials. Please not that is you enter the wrong credentials twice, your system will be locked for about 20 minutes before you can log back in for security reasons.
  8. Once you successfully log in, you will see one of two screens. One of them is a very busy screen and the other is a more simple looking screen. Regardless of the screen, you will only be concerned with the link on the left side panel labeled Remote Control. Click on that link.
  9. Please read the screen and follow directions to Proceed. Also, please note that if you are prompted to run or install something from this site, it is ok to do so.
  10. You should now be connected. Please remember that this is your actual computer.
  11. When you are finished with your remote session, Please make sure to Log Off from the remote screen. DO NOT SHUT DOWN YOUR COMPUTER. You can then close your browser.

Please note that the attached file contains the above information with example images.


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