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9.1. NJAR Payment Export

NJAR Payment Export

NJAR has requested a new format to use for sending payment information.  This format will be leveraged by them to easily import your member payment information.  The following procedure will describe how best to achieve this request.

The following process will need to be run separately for renewals, new members, out of state secondary (that want to also belong to NJAR), and non-members.  We are also suggesting you continue to run the existing Paid Dues Report by Item State (excludes distributed amounts) report to confirm your numbers and to also provide a clean printed report with all your details.

**NOTE: You MUST have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to use this routine.  This is required by NJAR.

  1. Go to the REPORTS module
  2. Click on the Financial tab
  3. On the right side under EXPORTS, click on the Paid DUES Export button
  4. When the starter screen displays, select your criteria
    • Starting and Ending date (Remember to match this up the same as you would with the regular printed payment report for state)
    • Dues Year
    • Item Type - This is very important to isolate the item for the type of payment going to NJAR.  You will first want to select the renewal item for your members and we also suggest running a smaller date range initially for you to proof out your results compared to the printed report.  There should be absolutely NO differences. 
  5. Click Continue to start generating the Excel report
  6. Once the results have been retrieved, you will be asked how you want to export the records
  7. Select the Excel button
  8. You will see a Save Records As Excel window where you must give the file a name, make sure you know where it is being saved, and you can also select whether you want the file to automatically open once completed to view the results and if you want to automatically attach to an email for sending.  These are your choices.
  9. If you review the report, you will notice that there may be blank columns.  Please DO NOT REMOVE THE BLANK COLUMNS.  They are there for a reason as per the NJAR requested format.  Also, there are intentionally no names on the top row of the file as requested by NJAR.

That's all there is to the process.  You should find it very simple and rather quick to produce.  You can email this report to NJAR indicating that you will also be sending a printed report with check for the payment.  This will give NJAR time to review the records and adjust accordingly in preparation of the payment receipt.

Again, please remember to run this process for each of your types of payments: Renewals, New, Non-Members, Out of State.

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