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2.2. Remove Antivirus XP 2008

Remove Antivirus XP 2008

by RemoveAntivirus - 6/24/08 12:55 AM
In reply to: Antivirus XP 2008 Do a System Restore to remove by Frebyrd305

This is how I got rid of Antivirus XP 2008. It is different than the XP Antivirus 2008 most sites refer to.

First you need to stop the program from loading on startup. This is what you do to stop it:

  1. Click on Start and select run
  2. Type msconfig and press enter
  3. Go to Startup tab
  4. Uncheck lphc35dj0e1an (or anything similar)
  5. Uncheck rhc75dj0e1an (or anything similar)
  6. Click apply, then ok
  7. Restart computer

Then you need to delete the main files this program uses. Delete the following file:

C:\windows\system32\lphc35dj0e1an.exe (or anything similar)

Then delete the following folder and all files in it:

C:\program files\rhc75dj0e1an (or anything similar)

This should remove the program from your system but you probably still have a warning message displayed as your wallpaper in Windows and the virus removed the ability to change the wallpaper or your desktop settings.

To restore ability to change your desktop settings and select a different wallpaper and screen saver do the following:

  1. Start, run
  2. type Gpedit.msc
  3. Navigate to User configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel, Display
  4. Right click on Remove Display in Control Panel
  5. Click on Properties and select Disabled

Do the same steps to change the following attributes to disabled:

You should now be able to use your computer normally and change the wallpaper to something other than the warning message Antivirus XP 2008 set it to.

If the above does not allow you to get the desktop back, then try the following:

Once you have the virus deleted you will notice you are missing the Screensaver and Background Wallpaper TABS in Display Properties. This will prevent you from removing that annoying message or the modified Wallpaper. Here is how you get the TABS back to be able to get rid of the message or stupid Wallpaper:

Manual Steps Using Windows XP Registry…….. be careful

  1. Click Start and then Run.

  2. Type regedit in the Run dialog box & Click OK.

  3. Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
  4. Right-click NoDispScrSavPage to select Modify and Change the value to 0.

  5. Do exactly the same with the NoDispBackgroundPage entry

  6. Go out of the Registry and Restart your Computer


In Addition this Viral Abomination also goes and disables your System Restore Options

Here are Instructions to correct this:

  1. Go to the System Registry (Start Run, type in: regedit and click OK)

  2. Highlight My Computer, then under Edit in the File Menu select Find

  3. Type RestoreOpenIsSafe and click on Find Next

  4. At the Fist Instance of the Entry, Right-Click on it and select Modify………. change the value to 1 (if it is not 1 already, Click OK, then press the F3 Button to search for more of the same Entry

  5. At the 2nd Instance of the Entry, do the same

  6. There should only be 2 Instances of the Entry but to make sure that you press F3 again and modify any additional Instances of the Entry until you are through the Registry.

  7. Go out of the Registry and Restart your computer.

Now your Restore Systems should work again.



1. Download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware (mbam-setup.exe) and save it on your Desktop.
2. After downloading, double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
3. Follow the prompts and install as “default” only
4. Before the installation completes, check on the following prompts:
- Update Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
- Launch Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
5. Click “Finish.” Program will run automatically and you will be prompt to update the program before doing a scan. Please update.
6. Scan your computer thoroughly.
7. When scanning is finished click on the “Show Results”
8. Make sure that all detected threats are marked, click on Remove Selected.
9. Restart your computer.

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