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14.2. RPAC: Adding Payments Made Directly to State

How To Add Payments Made Directly to State

Normally, most RPAC payments made by members are paid to your board and reflect throughout the system for reporting and on the member record.  Occasionally, you may receive notification that a member has paid and RPAC contribution directly to state or NAR.  The following describes the method to handle these types of payments accurately in REMMS without interfering with the reporting that you need to send money to state.

STEP 1 - Create the Item - Only needs to be done once for a billing year.
The first step is to create a new RPAC item in the Item table.  Once you have this item set up for your billing year then you can proceed to Step 2.  This only needs to be done once during a billing year.

  1. Go to the Invoice module and click the ITEMS button in the top right corner.
  2. Make sure you are in the correct Dues year and click on New Item.
  3. Enter a unique Item Code following the same format you have used for the other items in this billing year.
  4. Enter the description.
  5. You MUST use RPAC as the Item Type.  This is critical for the items to be reflected in the RPAC screens.
  6. Enter a minimum amount.  You have to enter at least $1.00 in this field for the items to work properly and this values should be in the STATE field.  You also must enter a GL Code and if you don't use them, then simply put RPAC in the GL Code field.
  7. Click Go Back and Save the item when completed.

STEP 2 - Create and Pay Invoice

  1. Create an Invoice for the member that made an RPAC contribution directly for the amount of the contribution.
  3. Complete this transaction by paying the invoice using a separate Batch for this special payment.  This will keep your records separate.

STEP 3 - Running the RPAC Reports
When running the RPAC reports you need to use for sending money to state, make sure to select the primary RPAC item.  Since you have created this secondary item for use only to reflect in the member RPAC contributions, it will be excluded from the regular reporting.

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